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Why does light make such a big difference?

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I feel almost normal during the day, especially when it's sunny... I have many hours where I don't notice my dpdr...

But the thing is... literally as the sun sets or the moment it starts getting dark... it's like someone flipped a switch & the DR kicks in like crazy even though I felt almost normal the whole day.

Also it makes a big difference if the sun is out or if it's a bit darker outside than usual due to weather?

Does anybody understand the mechanism behind that?

As far as I know DP is associated with high levels of serotonin... maybe this has something to do with it as it's very much connected to the circadian cycles.

What are your thoughts on this?
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Because your vision is probably royally fucked up like mine was and you have photo-phobia.

I was extremely sensitive to light and still am sometimes. I was also stereo-blind. I (kind of) mistook THIS as DP - That's why I ALWAYS would only get 90% better until I figured out wtf was wrong with my vison.
Read my post above. It’s legitimately what caused my “light sensitivity” symptoms. Dissociation has zero to do with any sort of actual eye sight and sensitivity to brightness. If you have that check your vision. Comprehensive exam.
Let me say this again:

In response to "Why does light make such a big difference?"

It shouldn't even be a factor because it has zero to do with dissociation. Being disconnected doesn't some how make light harder on your eyes. There is zero connection between the two. Absolutely none.?BUT severe light sensitivity can DEFINITELY make you feel spacey and foggy.

Read that again and ponder it^^^^^

When it comes to dissociative disorders, light is a non-factor. It's not a DP symptom so get your eyes checked. Very prefereably by a COVD Dr. or at the very least, by someone who will run tests to check you depth perception and will check the balance/convergence of your vision .

I'm certain that People with anisometropia hyperopia, like me, where one eye only is far sighted, and never wore any corrective lenses while also spending loads of time in front of a monitor wind up ruining their binocular vision and throwing their entire visual system out whack. I lived it. Here's what happens over time:

You can lose the ability to see depth or 3D (things look flat and less vibrant)
Turning on light (especially) fluorescent bulbs makes your eyes sting and makes you feel irritated and unfocused
You can see fuzziness/scintillation in your vision. Sometimes you'll even see your pulse.
In extreme cases you lose motion parallax and your vision will also shake when you run because you're VOR is out of whack.
When you run you notice everything shake like mad in your visual field.
You'm See tons of after images because your eyes aren't working together correctly anymore. If you've down halllucinogens before, this can scare you into thinking you're stuxk in some kind of flash back. You ain't. Don't believe it.

^ these are NOT dissociative symptoms. Zero to do with DP. BUT can cause similar sensations.
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I had a feeling I'd get a response like that.

Keep telling yourself that. Keep over complicating this and making it harder on yourself. Dissociation is detachment. Period. The simplest explanation is probably the best one. A simple explanation to eye strain is messed up vision. I'm not saying your life situation isn't a factor. I'm saying plenty of people have panic disorder and CPTSD and dissociative issues in total absence of light sensitivity.

That's a fact. But you go right ahead and keep down that rabbit hole. You do you man.
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