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Why does light make such a big difference?

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I feel almost normal during the day, especially when it's sunny... I have many hours where I don't notice my dpdr...

But the thing is... literally as the sun sets or the moment it starts getting dark... it's like someone flipped a switch & the DR kicks in like crazy even though I felt almost normal the whole day.

Also it makes a big difference if the sun is out or if it's a bit darker outside than usual due to weather?

Does anybody understand the mechanism behind that?

As far as I know DP is associated with high levels of serotonin... maybe this has something to do with it as it's very much connected to the circadian cycles.

What are your thoughts on this?
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Everyone check out my posts. Light senteticivity and depersonalization are symptoms of bartonella and Lyme. In fact, right now, the only clinical cause of depersonalization are from these things. My posts will explain more and give hope.
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