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why collect insects?

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I?ve been wondering, what is it based on, that mentally challenged people shouldn?t stay at home staring at the wall (even if they wanted to) and instead get moving and go to work or anywhere etc.? I haven?t been doing the last much in quite a while and I admit I?m not getting better. I just wonder what?s the point of being active if it gives you nothing and feels like nothing, I?ve read many say no matter what they do, it doesn?t help, which also makes it harder. I would like to want to get up and go to the uni, but I just don?t. So why should I, will my brain cells start partying again if I feed them with sights and sounds? (I?m not being hostile, just asking so that I?d say ?ohhh, that?s why?now I?ll gotta hurry up and go collect insects?.
You may want to say "duh" :roll: , and you're welcome.
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it will eventually get better

but also

if i go out and take a walk or go to the library when i don't want to...

I HATE it and feel worse!

But only because I'm more of an active party person.

if I go out to a bar where there is a cute guy i have a chance of seeing and all my friends will be there and we can dance to music, then I feel great, I love it!

if I go to the "uni" to study, i hate it! but if I go to the uni to go to one of the classes that interests me, i love it!

it's not just where you go, it's doing what you secretly want to do, even if it's something as "silly" as flirting nonstop with boys or reading about Paris Hilton or playing with makeup. Anything. ANYTHING.
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jesus fucking christ sleeping beauty you're gonna scare me into anorexia again with that picture! watch it!


i bet you are at LEAST five pounds smaller than her anyway.
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