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? why are people so worried about developing schizophrenia

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why are people on this board so worried about developing schizophrenia?
i mean if you're in another place and not aware of it (my take on sch) surely thats so much better than the horror of dp. i read a post by john59 a few days ago about basically what i see as full on dp (it had a different name) and i suppose at my worst i was delusional(if that means knowing that i'm dead and not being able to escape the horror). seriously i know that nothing can be as terrible. i'm not overly odsessive or self monitoring but when in full on dp there is no space for that anyway, existing is unbearable.
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I think folks do themselves alot damage by fearing that they will go schizo. Help me out if I am wrong, but the way I understand it is you will not go schizo unless you have an organic brain disorder that says you will. Dp/dr will not get you there. You are not going to go there unless you were going there anyway. Dp/dr and schizo is like apples and oranges, they are different beasts.

I think we all fear it at one point or another becasue it "feels" like we could go there, that our minds feel weak, that our personalities feel fragile when symptomaatic. But in "reality" we are always intact, only symptomatic.

I feared schizo for years until I realized all this. Do yourselves a favor and worry about a terrorist attack instead. It is much more likely to happen.
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