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? why are people so worried about developing schizophrenia

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why are people on this board so worried about developing schizophrenia?
i mean if you're in another place and not aware of it (my take on sch) surely thats so much better than the horror of dp. i read a post by john59 a few days ago about basically what i see as full on dp (it had a different name) and i suppose at my worst i was delusional(if that means knowing that i'm dead and not being able to escape the horror). seriously i know that nothing can be as terrible. i'm not overly odsessive or self monitoring but when in full on dp there is no space for that anyway, existing is unbearable.
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schizo is a totally different ballgame. one nobody wants to play, and if you have it then NOBODY wants to play with you. its a lonely sport, and its doesnt help when youre pushing everyone away. i dunno about anyone else.. but the last thing i want is to be sitting on a sidewalk festering in my own excrement having an argument with my pet vodka bottle over how many pickles i have in my butt. i dont want to enjoy the flavor of my own boogers nor do i want everyone to look down on me and go 'tut tut tut what a damn shame.'
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