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Who's had a concussion?

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Just curious how many people here have had a concussion. Seems like there's a pretty strong connection to head injuries and DP. I know for me, looking back on my life, my DP really started after suffering a concussion at age 15. I also know of another person I met recently who had a similar story, hitting his head then smoking weed afterwords and getting severe DP. If you search "concussion" there's quite a few posts here about people with similar stories. Not saying DP is a result of concussions exclusively, but perhaps there could be a connection between concussions and drugs and those already predisposed based on genetics or upbringing...
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I walked under a car park barrier that came down and hit me directly on the top of my head about 5 months before I got DP. It really fucking hurt and scared the shit out of me, I was convinced some damage had been done. I'm not sure if the two are related in my case. I know that head injuries can cause depersonalisation. I had an MRI scan earlier this week and I'm expecting the results in a couple of weeks. I suppose its possible that my brain looks structurally normal and that the head injury could still have been the cause of my DP. But I'd still like to rule out any physical damage.

Pages 93-95 of Depersonalization: A New Look at a Neglected Syndrome looks at DP following head trauma.

Billy D.P., what was your head injury? How long afterwards did your DP symptoms start?
Did they do an MRI with or without dye? I had one last year after I got DP , but without dye, just looking for tumors or whatnot. Of course it came back normal.
From what you say it does sound like the two might be related, but I'm no expert. I also started to get quite a bit of anxiety after I hit my head. I hope the two aren't related because I would assume if you get DP from a head injury it would be harder to treat, especially if there is structural damage.
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