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Who's had a concussion?

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Just curious how many people here have had a concussion. Seems like there's a pretty strong connection to head injuries and DP. I know for me, looking back on my life, my DP really started after suffering a concussion at age 15. I also know of another person I met recently who had a similar story, hitting his head then smoking weed afterwords and getting severe DP. If you search "concussion" there's quite a few posts here about people with similar stories. Not saying DP is a result of concussions exclusively, but perhaps there could be a connection between concussions and drugs and those already predisposed based on genetics or upbringing...
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I've had a concussion! Pretty bad one after being hit by a car on my skateboard.

Although, I didn't get DP/DR until maybe 6 months after when I got a panic attack after using marijuana. BUT, I did notice that I lost a tolerance for weed after that concussion and seemed to start dissociating a little bit every time I smoked. There is a definitive link between concussions and anxiety as well as depression however.

I don't think the concussion was a direct cause of the DP/DR, and through research I've seen that it can cause dissociation but it is usually much sooner.

I do however believe that my concussion paved the way for the development of DP/DR by introducing underlying anxieties as well as subtle changes in brain chemistry.

Whatever the cause is seems to be irrelevant however, because the treatment and road to recovery (for me) is the same. Dwelling on what may or may have not caused this is futile, because it only raises more questions.
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