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Who's had a concussion?

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Just curious how many people here have had a concussion. Seems like there's a pretty strong connection to head injuries and DP. I know for me, looking back on my life, my DP really started after suffering a concussion at age 15. I also know of another person I met recently who had a similar story, hitting his head then smoking weed afterwords and getting severe DP. If you search "concussion" there's quite a few posts here about people with similar stories. Not saying DP is a result of concussions exclusively, but perhaps there could be a connection between concussions and drugs and those already predisposed based on genetics or upbringing...
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When I was 4 years old my brother was chasing me through the house, I ended up head planting into the corner of a doorway... had stitches.. still have the scar on my head. I keep meaning to ask my mom if I went unconscious. I don't think I did, but still, I think about that.
I had an MRI scan earlier this week and I'm expecting the results in a couple of weeks.
Did they do an MRI with or without dye? I had one last year after I got DP , but without dye, just looking for tumors or whatnot. Of course it came back normal.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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