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Who's had a concussion?

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Just curious how many people here have had a concussion. Seems like there's a pretty strong connection to head injuries and DP. I know for me, looking back on my life, my DP really started after suffering a concussion at age 15. I also know of another person I met recently who had a similar story, hitting his head then smoking weed afterwords and getting severe DP. If you search "concussion" there's quite a few posts here about people with similar stories. Not saying DP is a result of concussions exclusively, but perhaps there could be a connection between concussions and drugs and those already predisposed based on genetics or upbringing...
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I was wondering the same thing and I have an appt to see a neurologist coming up. Is there any specific test that could show this? I'm thinking not?

I've had five significant bangs to the head starting as a small child and one being sent to the hospital around the age of 13. I've had on and off DP 25+ years and this last stint lasting two years so far. Along with severe depression and intense anxiety and just now got over a year bout with agoraphobia.

Very interested on hearing the replies here.
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