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whole body numbness

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my whole body is numb, i seriously cannot feel any of it, including hands, fingers, face, head. i'm kinda beginning to think this is more than just dp. anyone else have whole body numbness and can't feel their body at all. it really makes me feel like a ghost. when i lay in bed i don't feel my head against the pillow.
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i don't get skin burning. i have this whole body numbness all the time though and it doesn't go away. i really feel like i don't exist, and that my mind is blank. i just think everything isn't real and i don't anaylze objects, people or events anymore because i really feel like i'm not here. it feels like my soul has died. nothing has any emotional impact on me whatsoever and i just want to find an answer. life sucks.
i do feel like i have disinegrated in this earth. the worst thing is when i hug my mom and i don't feel the physical body connection or i don't feel a kiss....thats what makes me feel like a ghost and i really wish this symptom would go away the most so i can enjoy a hug.

also when i'm in the shower i don't feel the water pressure actually hitting my body. i feel the warmth of it a little, but it doesn't make me feel good or comfortable or anything like that. its tough. and espiacially when i'm sleeping it just feels like.

my doc pretty much diagnosed me with depersonalization disorder with some psychotic symptoms, but she's leaning towards more the dp. she actually thinks the meds are making it worse and is eventually going to stop it with some careful watching me. and i'm going to do an outpatient program where i talk to various therapists and group therapy and talk to people with similiar things, so maybe just talking about it will help me. she also thinks the emotion part is cuz of the medicines, she said i should get my emotions back. i sure hope so. this whole thing is just complete utter hell. the thing i hate the most is not feeling my body, and losing sense of touch, taste, and smell....if i get those back i will be ok.
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today i was at work and i realized that i didn't exist really, its the most lonely feeling in the world and a friend of mine was like whats wrong, i told him, but he kinda didn't believe me and he tried giving me a big bear hug but i didn't feel it. i hope i get out of this feeling of just feeling not here relatively soon. like i'm praying. i don't really know why i have to go through something like this. i don't know whats worse not feeling my body or not having emotion, both make me feel humanless.
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