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whole body numbness

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my whole body is numb, i seriously cannot feel any of it, including hands, fingers, face, head. i'm kinda beginning to think this is more than just dp. anyone else have whole body numbness and can't feel their body at all. it really makes me feel like a ghost. when i lay in bed i don't feel my head against the pillow.
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i don't get whole body numbness but skin burning accompanies dp periods with me, particularly the back of my neck and back. i used to get it alot when over doing it with my general drug abuse. again when in my initial chronic dp state. also when starting ssris i get it badly along with all the other side effects. when i was badly dped i couldn't bear water to touch my skin but in more recent times i have found that the burning accompanies the start of a dp episode(i mean within hours so don't panic) and i use a cloth soaked in cold water on the back of my neck, back and face. my mum got me a cold pack to help last summer when i was suffering pretty badly but frozen peas in a towel works fine
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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