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whole body numbness

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my whole body is numb, i seriously cannot feel any of it, including hands, fingers, face, head. i'm kinda beginning to think this is more than just dp. anyone else have whole body numbness and can't feel their body at all. it really makes me feel like a ghost. when i lay in bed i don't feel my head against the pillow.
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I have felt something similar to what Janine described. I have felt a total disconnection between me being and my visual surroundings, as if there is no relationship whstsoever. I remember staring at a church tower, and it seeming to makes as much sense to say that it was me, as at did to say my body was me.
At times I felt sort of encarcerated within my visual surroundings, as if there was no real gap between me and other objects, as if I was drowning
in the world or something.

Horrible, horrible, horrible stuff. But thankfully that sort of stuff is behind me, and I'm mostly bothered by deep ruminations.
Hello all, it's my first post and I'm not native with english, so I apologize for any inconvenience...
You're just fishing for compliments there. Can't you tell that you speak Enlish better than most who have English as their mother tongue. :D
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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