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whole body numbness

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my whole body is numb, i seriously cannot feel any of it, including hands, fingers, face, head. i'm kinda beginning to think this is more than just dp. anyone else have whole body numbness and can't feel their body at all. it really makes me feel like a ghost. when i lay in bed i don't feel my head against the pillow.
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I can ID with this as well, but this "numbness" occurred more when I was a teenager. It was awful going to bed as I literally couldn't tell the difference between the bedding and my skin. I also had times where a shower or bath was nearly unbearable as I felt "part of the water" .. and I should say "AS IF" I were part of the water.

Also, the burning. This again leads me to believe this is clearly medical as I've heard this too many times. It has happened to me a few times... when I've been very physically ill. But this was not a fever. The DP came over me so intensely, I was about .0000005% "here", with about that much consciousness. I felt as though I were sitting in front of a bonfire that was so intense it was burning my face.

The feeling I had, was of sheer unmitigated terror. I may as well have run into the Devil himself in a dark alley.

Let me tell you, the severity of all of these symptoms has lessened GREATLY over time with me. And meds, and therapy. I do not have all of these whacky symptoms I had as a teenager.

I believe if I had, had more supportive, understanding help when I was younger and some form of CBT and talk therapy and perhaps an anti-anxiety med, this would not have snowballed as it had.

Sorry, you feel so awful. Just know many here understand. It's why I love this board.

Take Care,
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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