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Who hates Britteny Spears???

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Ok I know it's so passe to go on about hating these crappy pop stars. But Brittney Spears really is the worst of a bad bunch.

a.) She's not that attractive. I mean she's ok, but you really lose faith in humanity when she appears top of some 'Hottest girl' poll. I bet most of the women on here are more attractive than her.

b.)She's clearly very stupid. I mean most pop stars are pretty stupid. But compare her to anyone, like Xtina or that new one what' her name...Jojo. They at least seem to know what they're doing to some extent..if you know what I mean...look she's clearly a total dunce ok.

c.)Her voice is total shite. When I here most pop stars sing, I think 'Overated, but I probably couldn't sing like that'. But when I here Brittney sing, I think I could do better, even after chain cmoking Malboro Reds.

d.)THe voice distortion makes her sound even dumber.

e.)She has legs like an olympic shot putter. What does she do, carry cows up hills on her back.

f.)She looks like my little brother.

g.)She supports Bush, without even explaining why.

h.)Her songs just are the epitome of pop garbage. Every other so called artist, has at least tried something remotely original. Tried a bit of crossover, or unique sampling. Brittney still has that ridiculous 'over produced' sound, that reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog, and should have died with the Spice Girls.

Her only appeal is that she looks easy. Men can fantasise over her while they jerk off, and still think that they're being realistic. Trust me that's what so many guys have said to me. You can't exactly jerk off over Nicole Kidman can you?
Think about it, all that fame and money is generated by male masturbation.
For God's sake just use some real porn, or get a girlfriend, then we wont' have to suffer this stupid little girl anymore.
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Modern pop is dead , where are the beatles, the stones etc etc. The indie scene is where most good music is at these days IMHO opinion. I think the scissor sistors are ok though but not great.
Yep britpop was good but I was too young to be born in that era, Britpop is now preety much dead. Though ther are a few new bands coming out like kasabain, Bloc party and the libertines who are alright, Kasabain even got in the top ten I think hooray for kasabain and non mass produced factory line pop, like that x factor and pop idol garbage, all they do is cover old songs in an almost identical fashion to the orignal.
Personlly i prefer christina, Britney is too apple pie for me
Chritina doesn't even compare to the women I listed in my favoioute women list, becasue she lacks something essential - namely charm and charecter.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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