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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment and give a very special thanks to Janine, and all the moderators (Dreamer, Sebastian,SC,etc.) for all they have done, for myself, and everyone else here.

If it wasn?t for the exceptional kindness and advice given to me on this board I don?t know where I would be. Going through this is tough enough, but going through it alone has got to be100 times worse. I was on the train earlier, obsessing about the DP/DR, the delusions, how my life has spun out of control and the horrible state of mind I?m in, when I thought how much worse it would be without this site. I guess I take it for granted even though I?m pretty new. I?ve wondered a hundred times how taxing it must be to lend a hand, especially if you are recovered/doing better. I?m pretty sure I wouldn?t have the patience, or heart to devote that much time to something which caused me so much pain in the past. T

To have that much care and compassion for people you don?t know is pretty amazing (and Janine, I don?t think you can blame that one on your ego :wink: ,) especially, when you have a great life void of any thing that starts with ?De.?

So, for everyone who has taken the time to support everyone else, thank you. This includes all of us, so thank you everyone. Each one of us can offer insights, opinions, and knowledge from past experiences to help make it a little easier for hte next person. I know this is kind of sappy, but your support really means a lot to me, even though I?m the last guy who would admit to it.

If you?ve got someone to thank, why not take the time and let them know in this post.



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well now Jon, i have to say i believe that was an excellant post and an excellant idea.

my thank you list...

new people that come and are brave enough to stay.

anyone who has something positive to say to someone that is in need of assurance or just being heard.

people that are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with the rest of us.

the excellant people who started and have maintained this site.

the good people who stayed here as long as they could. i miss them.

most sincerely,

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i want to thank all those gstile and terri* have already mentioned...i do not want to repeat too much haha :)

this site has really helped me...

it is great to share ideas...hear new ideas...and just talk to people who have the same kind of thoughts and feelings and emotions...

great to talk to those in the same kind of situation (although not nice or anyone in the first place obviously) and of course great to hear from those who have recovered or found ways in which has helped them and then shared them with us all...

thank you...

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Now my time at the Oscars :)

I want to thank endlessly Janine to share her story AND RECOVERY of dp with others, in her 2 books. And she continue to help people here for free, it's amazing. Thanks a lot Janine, you saved me many times!!!!

Thanks Dreamer to be a strong lady like that. And Sc, who continue to support people, work and laugh, it's great. You're a good man.

Thanks Des you helped me A LOT with your posts. Thanks to be recovered :) hehe You're very smart.

And others I appreciate your comprehension and kindness, Ninnu, Ken, Terri, Indigo (is cured! hope story), Charger, pdr, David, Kelson, Shadowness, ect. etc. Don't give up!!!!!

Thanks ALL for tolerating me and accepting me.

Cynthia xxx
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