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Who am i? Feeling very confused.

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Sometimes i'm thinking like... i don't feel like myself at all. My mind doesn't belong to me. And i cannot see how i ever going to feel like normal again.
I just feel so far away from myself? But i've heard a lot of storys of people recovering. If there is anyone that recovered? I'm just curious how it feels like?
Is it like bizzare to feel normal again? because i really feel so far away from my own mind and my person. Like i'm totally someone else... I tried anti depressiants but they only made it worse. I'm lowering them now.

Thanks for taking your time reading! have a nice weekend.
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Add lamictal to your SSRI and you will recover 100 percent.
Thanks for responding, but i'm kinda done with medication right now. It makes me feel detached more.
When I first recovered, it was like winning the lottery. I felt a miracle had occurred and was on a high for months.

It's as hard to think about DP/DR from the normal state as it is to imagine normality when derealized.

Consider dreams. What reality do all the thousands of surreal dreams and nightmares you've lived through during your sleep have on your waking life?

Do you ever give them a thought? The many strange, anxiety-fueled experiences you have during DP/DR are gone in the same way.

Have an awesome weekend too :)
Thank you. I could imagine that it would feel like winning the lottery! I think my DP/DR is mostly caused by obsession. I've had it two times before but very mild. And distracted myself and not knowing what was wrong with me.
But since i know what it is. It's almost impossible not to think about it while having OCD. I think it's indeed hard to think about dp/dr when you're feeling normal again, as u said. And also it's hard to think about reality while having dp/dr
I think mine is because of obsession. I'm concentrating to much what's happening in my head. Than the outside world. Like i can make myself really feel bad. My ocd rituals example : If i dont turn the lights off 3 times someone dies that i know? Do you have any tips etc that helped u recover? I'm very interested. I've read that Omega-3 can help some people, i'm taking them and also CBD oil. And i want to thank you for responding and sharing!
Sorry I forgot to get back to you today. I made a note to have a think about some of the other methods I used to overcome DP/DR, rather than repeat what you'd already read. I'll reply more later this weekend.

I take omega-3. It's the one supplement I've taken most consistently, and I think I took it during my last two battles with DP/DR.

I completely cut out caffeine (coffee, tea, etc.), and reduced sugar intake. I kept things as simple and clean as possible during DP/DR. Healthy balanced diet, plenty of sleep, etc.

Nowadays, I supplement with vitamin D3 (2000-4000iu, occasionally), since I don't get much sun, and B12 (about 5000iu, sublingually). For sleep, I sometimes take magnesium (chelated) before bed. I haven't tried CBD oil.

To help manage panic attacks, I did take phenibut (500mg, never more than 2 or 3 times a week). That helped a lot. Aside from that, I was not really on any medication.
Thank you for sharing! I also found something that amazingly helped me! So i was looking on the internet i was feeling kinda hopeless and i found a post of someone that also helped me very good! So i've read this. and i was like oh well, why not? Because meditation normally doesn't work for me...
So i was trying to pay attention to my body. I was moving my hand and told myself this is my hand that is moving and i was looking at my legs and told that they're my legs. Did some breathing and went outsite for some air. And after 3 years i finally feel better in a matter of minutes!? i was like so more grounded. I was shocked. Just in a couple of minutes. I wasn't feel that high anymore like i was no one. I felt i was someone again. (not completely myself but...) I knew i was taking part of this world again! It's amazing. Something this simple actually really helped me feel more like myself in minutes! And thanks once again for sharing. I had a very low vitamin D at first. And when i was taking supplements i felt much less anxious. I do also take b12 pills. Best Regards, Jesse
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