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*Whistles In Aggravation*

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I have manic depression, depersonalization disorder, panic disorder, severe agoraphobia, ocd and hypocondriah.. want to trade lives ASAP?

My biggest complaint for the year is...TADA! constant depersonalization.

GOD, I've grown accustomed to feeling like a stranger to my own reality, which .....isn't fun, at all. Can ANYONE please list some pill's that will cure this fucking burden that destroys me on a day to day hour by hour minute by minute basis? (and please dont list med's that will amplify my panic and make the depersonalization 30 times worse)

I can't even leave my room anymore without falling into a pit of panic/depersonalization.

Jesus, this entire disorder is a joke, it's an actual punchline... that needs to be stopped
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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