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I was just curious to see if there are any trends.
I absolutely have horrible times in grocery stores, or large department stores.
Could there be a link with flourescent lighting? Or perhaps it could be anxiety from so much stimuli. Who knows.

Where is the worst for you??

For me,

I hate large spaces, in mall I always get dissociation, and groceries. When I move from a place to another, in car or just going in and out a place, after a movie, for example, I feel very very lost, confused and in panick. Also hate the bus and metro (many people, I feel a bit paranoid, I think it's written in my face that I have DP/DR). Also when I go out for a commission, and I KNOW someone is waiting for me at home. I return home and when people look at me I don't feel myself.

That is me. Maybe you should ask : what is the least bothersome? Because I read myself and realize that I feel bad almost everywhere.... except when I sleep, watch TV or just read alone.

Cynthia xxx

Yeah...we're all pretty much in a agreement over this whole thing. Supermarkets (especially Wal-fart). Stadiums at night are a HUUGE BITCH. A Friday night once at Heinz Field I nealy totally flipped. Sunsets for a while have really disturbed me. I don't have that so much since I moved to the city, but in the country it for some reason really screwed with my head.

I work in an office with fluorescent lights and no windows. My anxiety/DP/DR is always the worst here. When I go outside for lunch , it always goes away.

What's the connection between fluorescent lights and DP/DR, does anyone know?

The connection is not between the lights and DR/DP, but between the lights and ANXIETY.

taken from anxiety website:
Eye tricks, Blurred vision, Eyes sensitive to light, Dry, watery or itchy eyes?
The sensations:
You may see stars or movements out of the corner of your eyes that don't exist. You may also see flashing lights in your eyes or your vision may seem almost kaleidoscope-like. Sometimes you may feel that there is a dark object or something just on the outside edge of your vision, or that your vision is narrowing.

It seems your vision is blurry or out of focus, and it's more apparent now than before.
There are times when your eyes seem more sensitive to light than at others, even to a point of regular light being too bright so that you have to wear sunglasses or squint.
You feel as though your eyes are either always dry, constantly watering or itchy. And often, your eyes are red or 'glossy' looking. Even a good night's rest doesn't help.

The reason:
Eyes are nerves. The nerves in the eyes send their information to the brain through the nervous system. When the nervous system is over active, the nerves in the eyes can play tricks on you which means we sometimes receive false information. These symptoms are some of the ways we receive this false information.

None of these symptoms are serious when they are attributed to anxiety disorder. However, it is important that you get a professional medical evaluation completed to ensure your condition is related to anxiety disorder.

As an example, at the height of a particularly stressful time in my life, my right eye began to experience blurry vision. My reading distance remained the same, however, objects at a distance were now blurry. I just thought it was because I was getting older, so I went to an optometrist and had an eye exam. The exam determined that I needed glasses to correct my right eye?s far sighted vision. When I received my glasses, everything was fine for awhile as the glasses helped me to see clearly again. However, months later, when the stressful events were long over, my right eye sight returned to normal again. This meant that my glasses used to accommodate my right eye were no longer needed. It was interesting to note how stress can affect even my eye sight.
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