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Well just an update guys. Since I came down with this anxiety crap it seems that if there is anything physically wrong with me my body lets me know by giving me anxiety first.

This week I have an ear infection, to top it off today I am suffering from a tummy bug & a headache & yes the lovely tune of "Evie" going on in my head.

Wonder why anxiety strikes us when we aren't feeling well? :roll:

Hopefully next week will be my good week. Seems I have one on & one off week lately but at least I have diminished the dp/dr.

Focus outward my friends! You can get to my level of insanity also :lol:

Hope you are all travelling well on your recovery road.

Take Care

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I'd guess that apart from your immune system going haywire, physical illnesses compound the introspection and obsessional thoughts. Panic attacks and anxiety can also sometimes be an over-reaction or misinterpretation of physical phenomena. Head colds and ringing in your ears seem to be a particually common trigger.

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Thanks Martin. Basically I am a nervous wreck :lol:

Nah! Feeling ok this morning just physically ill. Have to keep telling myself there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of my body has just gone haywire.
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