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what do you do?

i am sorry to post yet again but for some reason both my dp and dr have gone into overdrive and i feel like every moment is the first time i have been alive!

i just really do not know what to do...i have tried doing things i 'like' doing but i just feel so disconnected...

i am going to try and see a friend today but because of yesturday i really just feel like staying at home...

everytime i do something to try and help myself i end up feeling worse!

i am trying..REALLY trying...but everything just feels so pointless and unreal...

what do you do when you feel so desperate for normality? when you really feel like you cannot take this anymore?

please...any comments....

again i am sorry to be posting up again...i just really feel at a COMPLETE loss this time...

thank you for reading

I feel totally like this too, i just feel that i have not got the strength to carry on but then i think i have to for my familys sake my girlfriends sake and my sake. I try to think about things i had done in the past when i felt totally normal and happy, i try and get my mind to think the way i was thinking and would think normally. I know its hard bcoz all you can do is think and feel these scary sensations but that is all they are "sensations."

I feel so desperate like the rest of you but i just try to keep calm when i feel a panic comin on bcoz of the way my mind is functioning by saying to myself that its just a sensation i am here i am who i am and i will not let you beat me. I will get over this and will live a normal life again. I cant be beat and i wont be beat.

I still feel the same after but it sort of makes me feel calmer, i have beat this before you know so dont give up hope, the more you worry the more you feel worse. Have a cry and let your emotions out, get a journal and write your feelings down, write in it every night before bed or whenever you feel the need to let it all out. But always write somethin positive at the end like "but i will beat this and i will get better and live a normal life again, i will not let you take over me".

I hope you survive the worst times bcoz there are so many better times ahead

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hi shadow

you just have to keep living minute by minute if it comes to that. i've been where you are and (i believe) alot worse (although possibly most people who have seen dp think that as it's such a personal hell). from what i've read it seems to me that your state of dp is changing and i think (from my own experience) that thats a good thing. i know it doesn't feel like that and the horror and fear feels like it's there to stay. however even if it's increasing at the moment you will reach a point where it starts to diminish. mine built over a period of time and really was unbearable but it does level out and start to go. from reading this board i've realised that people have very differing states of dp(at times i read posts and think that these people just have no idea of where i'm coming from) but what i have realised is that no-one stays in a full-on (chronic) state of dp. long timers seem to have the odd dip into hell but don't stay there. you just have to keep living through this period. you will start to feel better.

thinking of you
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