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When Will it go away??

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It seems like Im always going to keep trying new drugs to try to wake up from this dream.
Has anyone been cured of depersonilization/ derealization or know someone who has to give me some hope?
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i used to think they were poision too, but i need something, i've been taking celexa but it hasn't helped me. i just want something to help me. maybe i can find something to help me a little then not take any medicine at all. if there was good safe medicine to treat and maybe cure dp we would all be taking it. i just want to be cured, and i think w/o any meds i might get so frustrated and do something i normally wouldn't do otherwise like hurt myself or hurt someone else. i know i shouldn't hurt other people, but i have a lot of built in anger, and sometimes i don't know what to do. i'm kind of scared to think what would happen if i get all my emotions back, if i would be mad, but i can't be mad at anyone if i feel real. and i don't feel real at all. i used to be as real as it gets. like a big time realest, but i just feel fake at all the time. i feel like i'm made of air.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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