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When Will it go away??

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It seems like Im always going to keep trying new drugs to try to wake up from this dream.
Has anyone been cured of depersonilization/ derealization or know someone who has to give me some hope?
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hi marcella

i'm about 95% better these days. my advice would be to decide on a particular med or combo if needed and then give it time.
i'm taking lustral (zoloft). i had a bad time getting onto it but feel it has helped a great deal. are you taking anything at present?
zoloft's an ssri and it has helped me alot. as i said though it was nasty to get onto for me and i had to see through a hellish couple of months before i felt any benefits. is lexapro an ssri?
an ssri is an anti depressant like prozac. they are poison but i didn't have any choice but to get on one. natural alternatives are 5htp and st. johns wort. omega 3 is meant to help depression; vit b anxiety. valerian root (a herb) can also help with anxiety.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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