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There is currently no dedicated work group doing research on depersonalization disorder. Some people publish about it and on Pubmed there are 10 to 20 papers each year. For the most part current research is cheap, just reiterating previous results or outright bullshit (for example Anna Ciaunica). The most important upcoming piece of research are the results from the PERSONA trial, but this was supposed to be finished 3 years ago. When I asked them at the beginning of this year about the current status of the trial they did not respond. The remnants of the London work group around Elaine Hunter are planning to conduct another trial about CBT, but based on the underlying concept and the results from the previous trial, which was published almost 17 years ago, this will likely be another dead end.

So I guess, it's indeed waiting and browsing until death.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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