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When Sleeping....

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I used to, until I just learned to let my mind go blank after turning off the light and laying my head down.

Also, I only find myself yawning if something awakens me prematurely.

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Hi DeNiro,

Like all the people above, I find getting to sleep is hell. Racing, obsessive thoughts, thoughts of past, thoughts of anything bad that has or could happen, thoughts of anything or anyone that has ticked me off...just think of any negative thing and that is my thought pattern. So, meds for me at night.

How about this...since I am able to go to be with the help of medication, it seems I wake up and do the same thing !!! :shock: I have to jump out of bed or turn on the tv or get on the computer to get it to stop.

We'd be soooo much better off if we didn't think ourselves to death.

Hoping you find a solution for yours.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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