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When looking at something, I can't "feel" that I'm seeing it

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Can someone relate to this? Is it dp/dr?
When I'm looking at an object, I know that I'm seeing it but I just can't "feel" that I'm seeing it, like my brain won't register what I'm seeing. My mind feels blank.
The same is with my thoughts, I can't really "hear" my inner voice.
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There are certain areas in your brain not working 100% correctly at the moment; not integrating everything the way it should be. That doesn't mean there is any damage to your brain, but as forestx5 said, it could be very well the temporal lobes not functioning properly. It also doesn't mean it has to stay that way or that this is your new "main brain state". I think that DP is in a lot of cases a combination of accumulated trauma, high sensitivity, introspection as a personality trait, obsessiveness; so I'm with Harris Harrington here. So your current brain state is the result of those conflicts. Of course there are different causes, no size fits all. There can be as well purely biologically caused DP, but I think it is not that common. Lastly, excuse my english, it isn't my main language. And take everything with a grain of salt, those are just my opinions

Lots of strength from Germany

Hey, Perfectfifth,

Maybe I didn't expIain myself well.I meant that I personally believe purely biological DP (organic DP) is not that common, actually quite rare. Meaning, most cases are caused by biological, psychological and environmental factors.

What's funny is that I a can relate to your description. I personally suffer almost only from derealisation and my DR is pretty much constant as well. I agree with your argument that it should fluctuate depening on your anxiety state/ mood state. But if there is accumulated trauma (and I think DP is often a mashup of trauma, anxiety, obsessiveness, introversion as an inborn trait) and those emotions/ traumatic memories aren't resolved the DP will not go away even though you don't feel anxiety at the moment and your emotional states change. Trauma can be sneaky. Last night I actually dreamed of stuff that happened many many years ago that is still effecting me. Are there any things in your life that you haven't resolved? Again, I'm no expert and I'm not saying that biological DP doesn't exist. I just think it is rarely truly just nature at play. Your genetic makeup of course playsa role but I think that purely biological DP is not that common.

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