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When looking at something, I can't "feel" that I'm seeing it

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Can someone relate to this? Is it dp/dr?
When I'm looking at an object, I know that I'm seeing it but I just can't "feel" that I'm seeing it, like my brain won't register what I'm seeing. My mind feels blank.
The same is with my thoughts, I can't really "hear" my inner voice.
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I feel you on both counts. I was explaining the other night how i dont have emotional connectivity to anything anymore. It's a really strange thing to describe because people don't think they have that connectivity to simple objects but they do, and you really notice it when it's gone. Im slowly, very slowly regaining my inner thoughts, it comes back in drips. Buti feel like i haven't had a typical internal mental life for about a year now
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I cant say why it happens only that DP causes a lot of upheaval in the mind that is poorly understood right now
Sadly you never fully appreciate how mystical and intricate life is until it's gone
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