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For those that have been "cured" from these feelings from hell or know anyone who has been.. do you just bounce back to reality and your emotions and feelings are restored? When it's over, you can look in the mirror and KNOW that it's you in the mirror? You can look at your hands or your feet and body and FEEL that you're reconnected with yourself? I know we probably won't wake up and be cured one night and it's a process but when these feelings have left, do you just feel like yourself again.. and feel normal?

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Jun 20 2011 12:01 PM

I can feel myself coming out of it.. my legs and arms tend to feel like their mine again. I went for a walk last night and the nights are usually my worst time but it seemed strange at first then everything seemed normal. I guesss because my brain is adjusting to the 3D figure of things other than 2D since my DR has went almost away. I am also feeling flashbacks of who I use to be and its the greatest feeling bro. gets me kinda excited. But just try to lower your anxiety, eat healthy and get as much rest as you can because it will be worth it.. just to know that one day you will feel this amazing feeling again (to be you) and nothings gonna stop you then because obviously your not going feel any sadness again at least for awhile since you will always have this fucked up disorder in the back of your mind your whole life.

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Sep 13 2011 03:56 AM

I've pretty much been 'recovered' for about 4 months, and it's still a process (dealing with the brain haze, and every once in a random while the 2D symptoms resurface). If I think about it too much, I realize that I'm not necessarily feeling reconnected 100%. It's just a matter of not letting that disconnected feeling rule your life, and participating in activities that you know will make you feel reconnected (for me, it's yoga, playing music, and cardio). I've been doing serious work with 1. accepting my situation and committing to making myself healthier, 2. decreasing anxiety and irrational thought, 3. increasing my social activity and pushing my boundaries, 4. eating healthy, staying hydrated and taking supplements, 5. getting my life in a manageable schedule (and not overextending my self for others out of codependence), and 6. actively engaging in activity, conversation, and thought. I've been committed to all of this for about 7 weeks. Two days ago I noticed moments of conscious thought. Each day I feel more like myself. Each day I improve. I try not to judge myself against 'who I used to be' because I never can get that person back nor do I want to. I've learned so much about my true self throughout this process and how strong I am. I am becoming a better 'me' than ever, and although it's not an easy process, it's gratifying. Nothing in life is easy, and life isn't meant to be all happiness. But you'll get to a better place when you accept that this feeling won't go away 100% and you commit to getting to where you want to be with your recovery. Best of luck to you.
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