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when do you think its time to quit the forum

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ive had this pc for 5 years in november i brought it after about a month into my second bout of dp....
i read in the papers at the weekend that a girl had joined a so called suicide website and got drawn into it to the extent that her and a few others made a pact to kill themselves,apart from the upset i felt i also wondered if she had been obsessed or even brainwashed into doing such an act...when do you think its time to say 'thats it enough is enough' and get on with life and stop visiting more self help sites...also on average how long do people carry on visiting this forum (including andys old site)

ok discuss
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hmmmmm I have been thinking about this as well. There are people here I care very much for, and I do need the support..... but I wonder if reading symptoms on here and talking to others so much about dp makes us more concious of what we are going through and keeps us stuck. It is something to think about. :wink:
I see it both ways.... being here can make us worse and keep us constantly thinking about how we feel. However the reasurrance is very important. I don't think it is possible for anyone to understand what this is like unless they have experienced it for themselves, and because of that I have my doubts that any of us recieve the support that we really need outside of this forum.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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