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when do you think its time to quit the forum

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ive had this pc for 5 years in november i brought it after about a month into my second bout of dp....
i read in the papers at the weekend that a girl had joined a so called suicide website and got drawn into it to the extent that her and a few others made a pact to kill themselves,apart from the upset i felt i also wondered if she had been obsessed or even brainwashed into doing such an act...when do you think its time to say 'thats it enough is enough' and get on with life and stop visiting more self help sites...also on average how long do people carry on visiting this forum (including andys old site)

ok discuss
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It's personal preference JC. When I was in the throes of DR/DP, this place was a god-send. However, when people recover, some of them don't want to return to the 'scene of the crash', which is understandable as it might bring the memories of this horror flooding back. Others, like myself, hang around for two reasons. I'm not a hero, and I don't imagine for a moment that this place would fall to pieces without me, but I come here, firstly, because some of these people have simply become dear friends, and secondly because I hate this sickness more than anything else, and I want to help as best I can. Occassionally reading some of the terrible stories makes my guts flicker with panic, but I've got (mostly) control of that.
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