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shit is just getting more frustrating by the day. i've come to the point where regardless if im occupying myself or not..i still have that sinking feeling in my stomache.. still have obsessive thought. i think about some of the same sort of things that you guys do.. i obsess about everyday being the same and what if this is all there i real..are these my hands..this person isnt as familiar as they should be. but i also obsess about something else to. an event, a time, a place a person...that i cant get back to. i keep thinking it must be something unfullfilled in me, but i cant figure it out. i cant seem to fix i keep trying to keep myself more busy to try not to think about the things i cant now i am obsessed with control.. i have been called a perfectionist..this is because of my need for need to keep myself occupied..any down sad , regretful , lonely time.

whats wrong with me. anybody.

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Hi aminic

Sounds like the same crap we are all going through. As Janine would say, focus outward. Its really works, but it's damn hard to do. Hang in there.
I recommend getting one of her books. They really hit the nail on the head and prove to be useful tools for getting through this DP/DR stuff. She's also very credible since she's been through this stuff and has found her way out. Take care.
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