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What's the weirdest,abstract,scariest existential obsession you have experienced?

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As for me,probably the universe from nothing question,which really sledgehammered me in the nuts last May.

Keep swingin',soldiers!
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it is interesting to read other ppls thoughts as it reveals how everyone else sees the world and how DP influcences those thoughts.

For me in the beginning, the scariest thought was that I had died and I was stuck in some limbo. It drove me wild for a time and gave me small panic attacks. As time passed, this belief slowly dissipated and was replaced by a much worse feeling. It got to a point where I questioned existence itself and why we are humans and why we loom the way we do.

I was questioning the very act of 'being', seeing, sensing the world. I would wake up and experience being alove and that made me feel bizarre.

The good news is that I believe I am recovering! Im slowly starting to feel connected to this world again. Im looki g at ppl as they are and not questioning as to why.

What helped me alot was meditation -- relying on the fact that the stillness of meditation is a true fortress of benign solitude.

I started engaging life more and waking up in the morning when my body was physically ready and not when my lazy brain decided it wanted to wake up.

I decreased my time spended on speculations and looking up DP, although some research DID help.

Im taking supplements and along with that a small dosage of lexapro.

I still have DP but I feel it subsiding.
Its all anxiety!
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