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What's the weirdest,abstract,scariest existential obsession you have experienced?

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As for me,probably the universe from nothing question,which really sledgehammered me in the nuts last May.

Keep swingin',soldiers!
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I've been obsessing over litterly anything through my DP journey. But i think mostly just looking at life and desperately trying to understand why and how things work. Like why do some people get born only to miss an arm, foot, get cancer at age 5, get blind. Why do some get born ridicously rich while others are born into poverty and bad enviorments. Life just seems like the ultimate cruel game where either everything is rigged against you in the most satanic ways possible, or you are one of very few lucky who has it good. But even then is it worth it knowing all the bad things going on?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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