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What's the difference??

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I'm having a hard time knowing the actual difference in whether I really am confused or is it just being overwhelmed. Anytime I get new information bright to my attention or even something simple happening that's new and not in my usual routine I get to where I feel off or a bit dumb because I can't quite understand things anymore. I said for the longest that I get confused but I know what everything is I know who people are and why things are happening. I just find my self not understanding what's happening.I was completely thrown through a loop this week. My entire routine is off every other day I'm not sleeping or in doing to much. Everyday something new has happened out of my routine and I know why it's happening, I know where I'm at, who I'm with I just almost don't understand. I find myself feeling completely lost mentally where before I just felt in a daze now I'm in a daze and lost. Is there a difference between being overwhelmed and confused?? Is there a specific reason I feel more frustrated and in a sense feel dumb about what's happening around me. I met my family members new baby and even that had me lost. I held the baby and just looked in disbelief like I knew they were having a baby but to see the baby was very strange to me like it didn't make sense. Could something more serious be wrong or is this a state of being overwhelmed?
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Don't worry, it sounds like your depersonalization is getting the best of you. These are all normal symptoms and will go away when your anxiety goes down, it takes time.

Don't worry, really, you'll be ok.
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