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I truly wish something - however small - was good. I really do.

I'm in midst of acute derealization, my friend was murdered, my family frowns on my 'hypochondria', and I'm unable to keep a good work ethic for lack of motivation. The shit has really hit the metaphorical fan, or so to speak.

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I've been learning more and more about my area of study from doing it 24/7, finance/investments, so that's good. On the downside, I'm sick to death of school and work (which are finance), so that's bad.

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I discovered a way to get temporary or maybe even gradual
improvement from dp/dr.
Last Friday i forgot to take my medication (antidepressant Anafranil)
then after waking up on saturday morning i realised i had forgotten
to take it.
So like the doctor said i just waited until saturday night to take the
next dose.
And because Anafranil has a short half life it was on it's way out
of my system to some degree by saturday night.
So anyway i took it on saturday night, and one and a half hours later
i felt the dr start to improve. Colours started to change, objects looked
more real, and i felt alive like i havent for some time.
I was so excited and happy, i was almost jumping out of my skin!

And it lasted up until tuesday, that's 3 days!!!

But then it was like the OCD symptoms were a threat to my recent
dp/dr healing. They just kept on coming as they normally do and eventually by Tuesday night they had caused the dp/dr symptoms
to return to the level that they are normally at.

Why did this happen? Why when i skipped the medication for one
night did it have a powerful healing effect after taking it the next night?
Maybe i became less tolerant to it because i didn't take it for one day.
Who knows?

Now i think that is something good!!!
I'm gonna do it again this friday to see if i can achieve the same effect.

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Talk to your doctor about taking a medication vacation. They do it all the time with children taking Ritalin. Our neurons decompensate and lower our neurotransmitters, in effect taking the brain back to the way it was before we were on the medication. Ask him if you could schedule a time every month or every two months where you stay off of it for a couple days.

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