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What part does anger play with having dp if any?
Lately I've been feeling more angry more often.
Sometimes I act out my anger,I throw huge hissy fits and it takes awhile to inforce some self control and shut the hell up.

Naturally at the time I feel justified with my anger or rage.
After the event I can rationalise that yes perhaps my anger was understandable but did I have to lose it?I feel ashamed.
It doesn't feel good to be out of control,ranting and raving,heart pounding etc.

I can think of several reasons as to why at this time I might be experiencing increased anger.

Can anybody else relate to strong feelings of anger?
Has anybody undergone anger mangement?

Best Shelly

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Shell, Aussie Sister...

I figure - you can stuff, which I do...very unhealthy.

Rage...healthy to a degree, just a little disturbing for those around and the racing heart, throbbing blood pressure is certainly not a warm, fuzzy for someone with dp/dr.

Try to present your anger in a reasonable fashion. At this point in time?? Yeah, right. :lol:

We're doing the best we can with what all we are going thru. Don't you think?

Please don't feel ashamed. What an absolutely awful emotion for you to put on yourself.

Be kind to your mean old self. :wink:

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You are so right Terri,I am doing the best I can right now.I just expect that I should be doing better.
I don't like to upset those who I love. :(

I need to take a few big deep breaths as soon as I see red,it's so darn hard to catch it sometimes.............I'm off and running before I know it.

Wow Bro,angry all the time,sorry to hear that would piss me off

We all just need to laugh a lot more,it really is the best medicine.

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hmmmm,that's a bit spooky.Is big brother watching or somebody here trying to tell me something.
I just notice the ads at the top of the page........Transfer your anger now,
Anger mangement CD.
By the way my anger is not making me jealous so I guess that Cd's for somebody else :?:


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i get uncontrollable anger at the moment......i shout at my partner for no good reason.....but its one of the only emotions i feel.....i also feel really guilty about it...but if you can show emotion to the people closest to us who can we show it to?

i started to go to combo assertivr training a few years ago which is basically exercise and boxing.....the boxing part is classed as anger managment.....if you hit something[NOT SOMEONE] it releases pent up rage....i have a punch bag in my bedroom for this....but a pillow is just as good....when the anger comes on go punch your does release the stress for a short period of time....

i have also taken my kids to an anger managment group....its the same sort of principle but they get to beat a drum to let out negative thoughts.....dont know if any of this will help you but i thought it was worth mentioning :D

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Thanks dreamcatcher,
good advice thanks,I'll try to remember to give it a go.........if I can just catch myself in time.

Some days I feel like everybody close to me wants something and I'm empty,it takes all I've got to keep putting one foot in front of the other(even though I can't feel them)..............I just want to have some fun.

The collective cry.............."I just want to be normal"

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I think i mostly get angry at my self all the time for being in my current mental situtaion and i'll want to kick out or smash things (something ive done since young) its like i'll think to myself there are millions of people worse off than you in the world, who don't have the same opputunies as I have and I think that I must somehow be weak to have a mental problem.

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Falling ,I think it's part of our society to consider those with mental or emotional problems to be flawed,not as strong,weak as you put it.

Most people would never admit it but secretly until something happens to them,people can have stupid atitudes,as in "just pull yourself together"or "just get over it".

I believe a stigma still exists despite the encouragement for people to speak out.It is getting but I don't speak openly about my aflications having been burnt in the pas byt sharing my emotional problems with the wrong people.

I don't tend to kick,hit or smash things, occasionally I feel like it though.
I just rant and rave.
Fortunately I keep it together in public................mostly,except yesterday with the parking guy,oops :roll: oh well he was being jerk

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Hi Shelly!

This is my 2 cents worth, it's kinda based on my own observations of myself, so you don't have to read the following if you don't wanna :)

I think anger is a channel for the frustration we feel about our condition. Why is everyone else so normal and happy, and why Us?

Besides that, I have also observed that when I'm angry, my dp lessens. Why, how, I can only say I suspect it's related to endorphin levels. It may become so easy to get addicted to this feeling we don't even realise we're deliberately instigating the condition.

Cheer up, and relax! It'd help the anger go away.
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