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What's an appropriate weight for a woman?

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Hey, I was just wondering what everyone thought of this. I'm a little overweight, and I've been trying to lose weight, and I've succeded in losing 24 lbs so far, and I was just wondering what everyone thought a healthy size for let's say an average-height woman (5' 3" to 5' 6").

I always thought anywhere between 128-144 was perfect. I was wondering what you thought (guys are welcome to answer).
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SC, from what I remember, if you painted yourself green you would resemble a slightly hairy Incredible Hulk. How a man of your greatly advanced years maintains a body like that I'll never know.

Sigh. I remember having a 34' waist. According to the BMI I am 14 pounds (a stone - we aren't metric over here yet) overweight. I don't care though. I just tell the ladies that my paunch is an accumulation of sperm, through years of sexual inactivity.
Christ yes. I'm running out of ways to let the screaming hordes down gently. :cry: I'm only one man, I cry, just ONE MAN.
A wee bit, SC ? You're old enough to be my dad !! In fact, are you sure you aren't my dad ? I'm only 14, as my website shows.

And it was a compliment...a special Martin type compliment. i.e, there has to be a little bitterness in it.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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