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What's an appropriate weight for a woman?

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Hey, I was just wondering what everyone thought of this. I'm a little overweight, and I've been trying to lose weight, and I've succeded in losing 24 lbs so far, and I was just wondering what everyone thought a healthy size for let's say an average-height woman (5' 3" to 5' 6").

I always thought anywhere between 128-144 was perfect. I was wondering what you thought (guys are welcome to answer).
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it's the size that you're not heaving yoru body around in fatigue...

where you feel your best

and where you look good without devoting your life to it

where you can have a healthy balance between moderation and indulgence

and not excercise obsessively

that's healthy to me
in your avatar you look thin anyway...i mean you can't see much but it looks like a relatively thin i wrong?
I know he's just going to lose it over that hot 500 pounder

Better watch out
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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