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What my derealization and depersonalization feel like

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Hi everyone…I just want to share my symptoms of depersonalization/derealization and see if anyone can relate. I’ll start off by acknowledging that this, along with anxiety & depression are the worst things. I’m barely hanging on my thread, so if you’re suffering too, know that my heart is with you.
It’s so hard for me to figure out the words to describe what I’m feeling sometimes. I spend most of my days frustrated because I don’t understand how to articulate what odd feeling this is. I just know I don’t feel like myself. I feel completely disconnected and unfamiliar with my
own thoughts, memories, family, etc. When I’m speaking it doesn’t even feel like it’s coming from me. I feel like I have zero control and like I’m operating on auto-pilot. I look around so much trying to figure out if I’m real and if my surroundings are real or fake. I feel like I’m dead and there’s no getting back to reality and I’m struggling to feel grounded.
I feel completely depleted and my strength feels absorbed…Please let me know if any of this feels familiar to you
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