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What medications have helped reduce or eliminate your dp/dr?

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Paxil did nothing for me. I am trying effexor xr now.
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I started Parnate and Xanax about 10 years ago. They work to the point that I can go weeks, maybe even months without ever even thinking about DP/DR. Every once in a while I'll look at my hand, or a tree, or whatever, and ask myself whether it looks unreal or not. The answer I come up with is that I honestly can't tell. Considering how overwhelmingly unreal things were before, I feel basically cured. That is, until my script runs out. The wolf is always still there at the door, waiting for me to run out of Xanax, and then everything comes back with avengance, almost like I've pissed it off or something.

I do still have some residual emotional numbing. I'm hoping lamotrigine will help with that. I'll let y'all know one way or the other how it goes. My appt. is tomorrow, so I'll hopefully have something to report by early October.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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