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What makes you angry?

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- Your friend not showing up at the agreed time.

- Your state of mind.

- Your computer going on the fritz.

- Losing your keys.

- Losing your cell phone.
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-that the whole world is an illusion set up to destroy me. That people are watching me all the time, following me, invading on my privacy....(this angers me the most)

-rude people/people who act all superficial

-close minded people

-when people shove their religious beliefs down my throat

-that the world focuses so much on looks and fashion and all the little material things.

-being in public

-when people tailgate me (especially on the highway) or just drive like idiots in general (speeding, running stop lights, racing, cutting people off, etc.)

-when people i don;t know touch me or hug me. basically, PEOPLE anger me. I can't stand most of them!

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good things/things i like

-my family

- my dog and my bunny

-nature (but most of it is being destroyed by people!)

-aniamls...all animals!


-night time

-fall and winter and cold weather and snow and cloudy skies

-halloween and christmas

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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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