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What makes you angry?

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- Your friend not showing up at the agreed time.

- Your state of mind.

- Your computer going on the fritz.

- Losing your keys.

- Losing your cell phone.
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What annoys me?

Any kind of annoying illness that gets in the way of me sorting my life out by myself.

People who press the traffic light button when you've just pressed it and it's quite clear that the "wait" thingy is highlighted.

People who don't say what they think, but instead say whatever the other person wants them to say all the time (although I'm guilty of that sometimes).

Getting in after a night out and finding that the money you've spent a week working for has mysteriously disappeared.

Sojourner (ooonlly joking, love you really)

Big long forms which aren't really necessary when you're trying to apply for the most simple job in the world.

The police (or the filth, as we call them)

Stoners. Not people who do drugs, just the people who do nothing but drugs. Gah...they annoy me.

A lot more stuff, but I can't think right now.
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Did I mention Japanese tourists? Well I have now.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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