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What makes you angry?

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- Your friend not showing up at the agreed time.

- Your state of mind.

- Your computer going on the fritz.

- Losing your keys.

- Losing your cell phone.
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Things I cant stand:

- Impatient drivers
- Cynics. The kind that say things cant be done. Drives me crazy.
- Having parents who make the word "cynic" seem positive.
- Religious people with black and white thinking. They do us all a disservice
-"Fuzzy" liberal thinkers. People who dont know why they beleive what they beleive.
- College drunks and fratboys. Young people who've lost their idealism.
- Cliques
- Pollution
- The mother of all annoyances....Porphyria.

Things I love:

- Driving in my Jeep with the top down.
- Traveling to beautiful locales with greenery and water.
- Taking a woman to either of the first two.
- Listening to the Organ Symphony. Listening to Coldplay and U2.
- Being in Washington DC
- Writing. Creating shows. Acting. Public speaking.
- Being with my wonderful friends in Pittsburgh. Talking medicine, politics, and religion with them.
- Taking chances doing things cynics say cant be done.
- Being at home with my little brothers and sisters.
- Praying. Confession.
- Visiting DPselfhelp.

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