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What annoys me?

Any kind of annoying illness that gets in the way of me sorting my life out by myself.

People who press the traffic light button when you've just pressed it and it's quite clear that the "wait" thingy is highlighted.

People who don't say what they think, but instead say whatever the other person wants them to say all the time (although I'm guilty of that sometimes).

Getting in after a night out and finding that the money you've spent a week working for has mysteriously disappeared.

Sojourner (ooonlly joking, love you really)

Big long forms which aren't really necessary when you're trying to apply for the most simple job in the world.

The police (or the filth, as we call them)

Stoners. Not people who do drugs, just the people who do nothing but drugs. Gah...they annoy me.

A lot more stuff, but I can't think right now.

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Monkeydust said:
The police (or the filth, as we call them)
It's funny, but the thing that's made me me most angry recently was the police killing of Mr Menezes on the underground and the events afterwards. It's got nothing to do with my life directly, but it broke through my dp somewhat and made me very angry and sick to the stomach. I can picture it it in my mind, the horror of it.
The Lamotrigine has help a bit in releasing my emotions like this.

Speed Scameras.


People who drive too fast.

People who drive too slow.

People who tailgate.


Unfriendly/arrogant people.

Pointless rules.

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Excellent! :lol:

Now, what makes you feel wonderful?

- A beautiful sunset.

- Running on the beach with your dog.

- A good meal and a glass of wine.

- Reading a good novel.

- Feeling a oneness with the universe.

- A Mozart piano sonata.

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I felt pretty good before dP hit

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Bad things.

People who eat like pigs,
Noisy people,
Deliberatly rude people,
The pain in my back,
Tooth ache,
Politics, Organised Religion,
Grotesquely overweight people eating burgers,
Any animal that can kill me,
Not having Jedi powers,
False nails,

Nice things.

Peace of mind,
reading a good book,
football, (when my bastard team wins)
real friends,
being alone when I want to be,
my family,!

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-that the whole world is an illusion set up to destroy me. That people are watching me all the time, following me, invading on my privacy....(this angers me the most)

-rude people/people who act all superficial

-close minded people

-when people shove their religious beliefs down my throat

-that the world focuses so much on looks and fashion and all the little material things.

-being in public

-when people tailgate me (especially on the highway) or just drive like idiots in general (speeding, running stop lights, racing, cutting people off, etc.)

-when people i don;t know touch me or hug me. basically, PEOPLE anger me. I can't stand most of them!


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good things/things i like

-my family

- my dog and my bunny

-nature (but most of it is being destroyed by people!)

-aniamls...all animals!


-night time

-fall and winter and cold weather and snow and cloudy skies

-halloween and christmas


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Things I cant stand:

- Impatient drivers
- Cynics. The kind that say things cant be done. Drives me crazy.
- Having parents who make the word "cynic" seem positive.
- Religious people with black and white thinking. They do us all a disservice
-"Fuzzy" liberal thinkers. People who dont know why they beleive what they beleive.
- College drunks and fratboys. Young people who've lost their idealism.
- Cliques
- Pollution
- The mother of all annoyances....Porphyria.

Things I love:

- Driving in my Jeep with the top down.
- Traveling to beautiful locales with greenery and water.
- Taking a woman to either of the first two.
- Listening to the Organ Symphony. Listening to Coldplay and U2.
- Being in Washington DC
- Writing. Creating shows. Acting. Public speaking.
- Being with my wonderful friends in Pittsburgh. Talking medicine, politics, and religion with them.
- Taking chances doing things cynics say cant be done.
- Being at home with my little brothers and sisters.
- Praying. Confession.
- Visiting DPselfhelp.

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