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I've noticed that some kinds of music makes the symptoms of DP weaker/less troublesome - and other kinds of music actually makes it worse!

Music that I like to listen to when I'm having DP symtpoms include various 80ties pop music and easy-listening music. An album which I often listen to when I'm having a bad case of DP/anxiety is "City Slang" by a danish artist named Lars Hug. It's something about the mood, the synthesizers and his gentle voice that makes me relax.

Music that makes the symtpoms WORSE, include metal bands like Slayer and Metallica(!).

Maybe the above is not surprising, but what kind of music do you feel can "soothe" the effects of DP? I'm just curious...

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Any dissonant music, no matter what flavor, makes me worse.
Some types of jazz send me somewhere I do not want be.
Some new age as well.
Some music makes me daydream too much.

Good ol' hard driving rock and roll makes me feel like the ol' jft.

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