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what kind of diets (eating patterns) do you all follow

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this might get moved but then again im sure there is a connection between food and the way we feel...

for the last 3 months ive been following a ketogenic (low carb) daily food intake usually consists of

sausages and egg for breakfast

prawn cocktail with salad for lunch

lamb chops & salad for dinner

followed by berries and sugar free jelly for pudding

i do swop things around quite alot and make cauliflower cheese,or add swede,cabbage,cod,salmon ect....

i follwed a low carb plan 2 years ago and lost 3 stone but went back to drinking beer and all the weight went back on...but what kind of eating plans do most opf you follow ?
with me it always feels like im watching my weight and im always asking myself am i doing the right thing...

ive tried low fat low calorie diets but these i find for me are not ive always opted for low carb..

what kind of food plans do you stick to ?

what ones make you feel better/worse

which ones have you lost weight on


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dreamcatcher said:
i tried the low carb diet for about the month but after looking up on the diets found that your only suppose to do it short did make me feel a little bit better though and i'll be doing it again soon......[if you like shepherds pie try mashing a cauliflower on the top instead of potatoes while on the tastes brill]
its only the induction that you only do short term.....low carbing can be followed for life and has amazing health benefits,what you have to do is just keep raising your carb intake until you stop losing fat (once youve reached your target)...

i have cauliflower mash on alot of occasions,i also make my own chicken curry and turn cauliflower into rice,also when it comes to swede i usually dice the swede and eat them like chips..

these are vegtables that i would never dream of eating in the past but because im allowed a little bit of butter i actually eat because i dont have any sugar in my diet my anxiety seems to have levelled out alot
apparently the best things you can do for your body is most importantly

1/stop eating sugar
2/get natural sugars from fruits and berries
3/lots of vegetables
4/if you eat meat make sure its 100% meat and not processed meat...the good thing about counting carbs is the fact that if a piece of meat i.e sausages,tinned meat contains lots of carbs then it shows that its packed full with sugar and other crap
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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