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What just happened? Did i feel emotion again?

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I am 7 months into My dpd and the symtoms of numbness and emotional flatness has Been a big part from me since it all started.

I was in My Room litsening to music on youtube and This Song came across the screen and i clicked it. The song brought me into some VERY deep thinking an it made me starting to cry like an baby (i have never cried during My dp)

The song was really beautiful and filled with emotions which brought me to tears, i usually never cry to music but now i did. Did i just experience "emotion" again???

The song:
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I've been having that "afraid to feel" feeling and emotional numbness for a while. It's been getting better slowly. Anytime I try to feel emotion my mind would just shut it down immediately. Adding to this is this feeling that I am somehow being deceived in some way by a "something". Or that my life is a big deception. It's awful!!

I remember someone on here speculating that Rene Decartes had DP. He undoubtedly did.
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