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It is arguable that hedonism is the most effective transference of relief. This was justifiable through the acts of addicts, seeking the gratification of quick pleasures for a temporary escape into a more pleasant sensation. Bruce Alexander argued that our world is one giant rat park, and that addiction stems from the philosophy of living in the utopic aspect of it or the more hellish "cages" in which you want to escape through any means possible. Although Alexander was right in concept, he was far too much of an idealist.
The problem in Alexander's thinking stems from the fact he assumes a human society can be considered "The Park". What Bruce did not realize is that in fact, every person carries their own crucifix, their own cage. The flaw in our thinking is that there really is no rat park for us. This is why the Romans we're superfluous and extravagant in living. This is why people of religion devote such faith to their deities.
The problem with any living style is we don't know if what we are striving for is the Rat Park, or we are taking the proverbial drugs to help us escape from our cages. Either way, the case for hedonism is strong because, regardless of what we choose to do, we will likely die in the cage. Then again, living is the hope that we will find our utopia, or our "Rat Park".

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Aug 24 2015 05:51 AM

This made me feel both smart and very productive.
Though I do not strive for pleasure. Not happiness either. Balance, I think.
So personal attributes of my "hedonistic nature" is simply means for escape, avoidance. I do not [...] for pleasure. I do it as a mean to another end in a greater plan for my being. But I like the idea of a hedonism as a goal itself.
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