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Over 2 years now dp dr but not even sure its even that anymore
All I feel now is my spirit feels broken , i dont feel whole every part of me feels fragmented/ shattered.
I don't care much anymore my friends my family, i could take them or leave them , i just dont care .
I have no passion about anything, really
And I just dont give a Fk.
I've gone though to much these 3 years then nearly 4 months ago my soul mate died that topped it off that finally crushed my soul .
Is this soul death ego death ?
It's not depression, i dont think as ice had that before and this is different.
What's the point of this all we work to eat and pay bills only to die anyway and we lose people we love its just one big clueless cruel joke.
I wonder if others in my life think like me .
Anyway ive reached a new low of feeling i have nothing in me anymore, I'm blank im nothing im shattered in tiny pieces and I can't put myself back together anymore cause it's all gone to far now.
I miss my best friend my everything and nothing makes sense to me anymore .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts