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what is the best way to gret your therapist to believe you

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i have been seen my therapist abotu 8 times now, but she doesn't seen to want to agknowledge that there is something deeper then what she has put down on my records, i know that can sound asthough i know more then my therapist, well in a sence it is...

where i have been suffering with mental illness from an early age alot of symptoms and issues i have begun to accept and in a sence ignore, so when i goto see her i tend to miss out things accidently, i have trouble saying what i am really feling. this has been due to my up bringing, in my family it was not appropiate to express how you were feeling so i have nver done it...

i have come along way on my own, but i have now reached a stage that whats left is too much for me to handle on my own, i need outside advise and guidence, but where ever i go i cannot find the answers i am looking for...

if anyone knows someone in the basildon - essex area could they please let me know, for right now i am at a loose end of where to turn

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Hi - feeling embarrassed now as all the top list of the posts has my name - and I'm new too, sorry, this is v unusual 4 me, I so rarely even go on the PC, maybe I'm just over-excited today! Just wanted to say good to hear someone from UK on here - maybe I'm totally wrong but I feel most are from US and so have a different system. MY POINT if I can stop blethering and get to it is that I had a lot of problems finding a good therapist then I rung a helpline and they told me to look at the BACPS web-site - actually not sure if this is the right acronym, but if you ever are interested, please post me back and I will try to get it for you - sorry if there's a gap, I'm a bit untogether at the mo and it can take me a few days to come back to the board here. Anyway, I have just got complex PTSD dx, and so I just asked the therapists when I phoned them, did they have experience of treating this. Whatever your dx is, if you have one or believe in them anyway, it's a useful shorthand to find someone a) who has heard of it and b)got experience treating it, ie believes in the great distress it is so hard to express damage done to you psychologically when young causes - or whatever, it doesn't matter per se, the point is emotional turmoil and pain, and needing someone you can trust and respect to let you let them know in your own way. Try Alice Miller's list of questions to ask a therapist. (it's on the Net). It's hard to feel a therapist isn't helping, and to get the strength to change if you feel you need to. Worth also, though, checking for sure - it's not your own defences resisting him/her first - (how, I think time and your intuition in the end will know). I got a good one in Seaford, but I did have a few choices. Pretty sure there will be ones near you - however, as ever, I know, ????s and time big problems to face too!! Anyway, all the best - Daisymay xxxxx
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