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what is the best way to gret your therapist to believe you

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i have been seen my therapist abotu 8 times now, but she doesn't seen to want to agknowledge that there is something deeper then what she has put down on my records, i know that can sound asthough i know more then my therapist, well in a sence it is...

where i have been suffering with mental illness from an early age alot of symptoms and issues i have begun to accept and in a sence ignore, so when i goto see her i tend to miss out things accidently, i have trouble saying what i am really feling. this has been due to my up bringing, in my family it was not appropiate to express how you were feeling so i have nver done it...

i have come along way on my own, but i have now reached a stage that whats left is too much for me to handle on my own, i need outside advise and guidence, but where ever i go i cannot find the answers i am looking for...

if anyone knows someone in the basildon - essex area could they please let me know, for right now i am at a loose end of where to turn

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Well guys, you know you are always free to come on these boards and rant to your heart's content, so please do whenever you like :D

As for the therapist, IMO any therapist that won't believe what their client is telling them is not worth seeing. You could try finding a different therapist.

However its worth noting that if you try to approach your emotions and fears head on then you may run into a road block, of sorts. Try working around the edges of the problem. In all honesty and in my experience the problem in DP is not wanting to deal with all the little issues we have in our life. Instead we choose to ignore them as though they don't matter and instead focus on this massive existential fear. Well, if you do that then you just put yourself into a very powerful place that you have difficulty escaping from.

Here is what I recommend. Next time you see your therapist, start very small. Start by talking to them about how you got angry when someone cut you off in traffic, or bumped into you in the street. Tell them how your parents called you at an inconvienient time or something that seems so minor and insignificant.

In my experience, if your therapist is good then they will help you gradually follow these threads and over time unweave a very complicated tapestry of how these problems have built up over your life. You'll be very surprised to see where these seemingly insignificant annoyances actually come from in your past, where they originated and how they have grown over time.

Also, by actually dealing with these "lesser" problems you will probably find yourself feeling much better overall, because you are breaking your issues up into smaller, manageable chunks rather than trying to shove a whole watermelon in your mouth ;)

Also, I too had the problem of not being able to express how I felt in from of my therapist, so I think its probably normal. Take it slow and at your own pace and try to get your therapist to work with you.
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